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ESET Managed Service Provider Program

Do More with the ESET MSP Program:

  • Increase your revenue
  • Enjoy unique daily billing, monthly invoicing
  • Install & forget thanks to extremely low support burden
  • Leverage RMM plugins and API integration
  • Stay in control with central management & configuration
  • Benefit from global presence and local support
  • Deliver solutions proven with over 100 million customers
ESET MSP Administrator and ESET Remote Administrator 6 scheme

ESET MSP Administrator – create, enable, disable sites and manage product quantities
ESET Remote Administrator 6 – manage product settings and configuration of sites and endpoints

As our MSP Partner, enjoy exclusive access to ESET support and resources

Grow your MSP business

  • Lead generation tools
  • Case studies from different industries
  • An arsenal of sales and marketing materials
  • PPT presentations
  • Ready-to-use legal documentation templates

Empower your salesforce

  • Competitive intelligence
  • Product collaterals
  • Battle cards
  • Sales training

Boost your technical know-how

  • Product and technical training
  • Priority Technical support
  • Pre-sales support
  • Closed webinars for the ESET MSP community

ESET provides a complete solution for cyber security. From performance and ease of use, to finite endpoint control, log aggregation, policy management and detailed reporting, ESET really shines.

Richard Shinnick, President, STIGroup, LTd., US

It is incredible to see how often/quick the definitions are updated without compromising on performance/available bandwidth.

Ronald Niekoop, System Engineer, Vancis, Netherland

How you can benefit from partnering with ESET

Business benefits

Take advantage of volume pricing

Increase profits thanks to our tier-based pricing based on aggregation of all the clients you cover. The more licenses you sell the better unit price you get.

Enjoy daily billing, monthly invoicing

Each month, we only invoice you for the number of seats ordered at any given time, with no upfront investment. Save money with our efficient licensing model!

Be in the know with detailed reporting

Always have a clear overview of the number of licenses you use for every single site, as well as aggregated totals - to aim for the higher tier.

Get up to speed fast on the ESET product line

Take advantage of trainings, certifications, local technical and premium support to get up to speed fast.

Get new customers onboard fast

Offer potential customers a free trial of ESET. Once satisfied, convert your trial to a paid license instantly!

Stay independent

Manage your licenses through ESET MSP Administrator web-interface. Add or remove seats or make other changes instantly, without having to contact ESET.

License management

Manage all your licenses in a snap

Manage all your sites from a single web-based ESET MSP Administrator for instant overview of all licenses and the entire portfolio of ESET products.

Manage your licenses, down to the last seat

Require more detailed information and management of all your licenses? Drill down to seat-level detail with web-based ESET License Administrator.

Add and remove licenses at will

With ESET MSP Administrator, you can activate, disable or even terminate any product, license or specific site - in a real-time.

Keeping your license records discreet

There will only be one license key for your account, which will be invisible to your customers. There is no need to share any license credentials with customers at all.

Always in control of your licenses, easily

The licenses handled via ESET MSP Administrator are synced with ESET Remote Administrator - no need to install dedicated utilities or plugins.

Streamlined authentication and update procedures

The license activation and updating is handled automatically in the background - end users don’t have to provide license key or any other license information.

Plug-ins and integration

Manage ESET security products from our Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) console – no need to log in to ESET Remote Administrator for daily operations. The following plug-ins are available for ESET Remote Administrator 6 and ESET Remote Administrator 5:

Kaseya logo

ESET Remote Administrator Plug-in for Kaseya

Download Plug-in

Learn more

ESET Remote Administrator Plug-in for ConnectWise Manage

ESET Remote Administrator Plug-in for ConnectWise Manage

Download Plug-in

Learn more

ESET Remote Administrator Plug-in for ConnectWise Automate

Download Plug-in

Learn more

Autotask logo

ESET Remote Administrator Plug-in for Autotask

Download Plug-in

Learn more

Tigerpaw logo

ESET Remote Administrator Plug-in for Tigerpaw

Download Plug-in

Learn more

SalesForce logo

ESET Remote Administrator Plug-in for Salesforce

Download Plug-in

Learn more

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