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With ESET we can live in confidence in knowing that no matter how big our business grows, we will be protected.

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Fiona Garland, Business Analyst
Mercury Engineering, Manufacturing

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IT, project management? First class. Deployment? Brilliant. Users? They never even noticed a change in the environment. Technical resources? Fabulous.

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Tony Cooke, IT Director
CCS Media Limited, IT

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I’ve recommended ESET to several different companies because I’m very happy with the way the product works for us here at ISPCC. The product does what it says, it stops viruses, malware, spyware, it’s easy to set up and it’s inexpensive.

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Fergal O'Hart, IT Manager
ISPCC, Public Sector

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ESET Endpoint Antivirus is peace of mind, we don't worry about it, we don't know it's there and it protects our business.

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Adrian Dooley, Head of IT
Pinewood Healthcare Ltd., Healthcare Providers

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We were looking for a small footprint on the desktop, easy deployment with centralized management and, most importantly, trusted threat detection and mitigation with reporting.

Dave, Manager of IT
Deer Valley USD, Education

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With ESET I'm sure the hospital's network is safe and I can focus on my other tasks.

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M. Paluch, I.T. Administrator
Regional Hospital No. 2, Healthcare Providers

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ESET was the right choice for Unigarant insurance because it offered great quality, the best performance, and it’s very cost effective.

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Mark Kaiser, IT Specialist
Unigarant, Finance & Insurance

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“Migrating to ESET eliminated the issues almost overnight. And the migration and roll-out was seamless.“ Read full story
“ESET allows us to have greater uptime and reliability of our workstations, in addition to protecting the district’s computer network from threats.“ Read full story
“ESET is the most comprehensive security solution. We recommend ESET security solutions to all our clients.“ Read full story
“We’ve been very happy with ESET’s performance and ability to detect malware.“ Read full story
“With ESET, PLNU feels we are in a better position to secure and protect our community from the growing threats targeting them.“ Read full story
“We’re really lucky to have ESET antivirus—because without it, things could get really ugly!“ Read full story
“ESET’s IT security solution offers us the best protection we have had from online threats like worms, malware, spyware and ransomware.“ Read full story
“There were many challenges we faced to prepare our environment but after working with ESET we were able to get things sorted out fairly fast.“ Read full story
“ESET has worked for us to protect the security of our highly sensitive data.“ Read full story
“We strive to give our clients exceptional service and reliable protection against dangerous cryptoware...“ Read full story
“Managing remote users and installed applications, and keeping our users from downloading the bad guys...“ Read full story
“ESET has been very easy to work with. Since acquiring ESET, we have had no security breaches of any sort.“ Read full story
“The ESET sales and engineering teams were very helpful, knowledgeable and willing to work with my team to ensure everything went smoothly.“ Read full story
“I’ve been very satisfied with ESET’s products, and the few times I have had an issue, getting it resolved has been quick and easy.“ Read full story
“Both our end users and our IT department are extremely satisfied with our ESET experience.“ Read full story
“The main advantage is the reliability, knowing that ESET can protect against unwanted viruses and malware.“ Read full story
“ESET has made our workflows easier, thus making us more effective.“ Read full story
“ESET does what it says it will do. It’s a great, lightweight product that was quick and painless to roll out.“ Read full story
“ESET gives us peace of mind that our students and teachers have the tools they need to put learning first“ Read full story
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“Excellent care, support and assistance.“ Read full story
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“If you’re considering a new solution or a change in your IT environment, I would certainly recommend looking at ESET.“ Read full story
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“I’m confident it’s secure and that makes me sleep easy at night.“ Read full story
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“With ESET I'm sure the hospital's network is safe and I can focus on my other tasks.“ Read full story
“Has been very easy to deploy and maintain.“ Read full story
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“I think the manageability is the best you can get.“ Read full story
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“ESET Endpoint Antivirus is peace of mind.“ Read full story
Medical and industrial gas supply company
“I feel the console is relatively easy to use and contains a lot of useful info and distribution, and protection is topnotch.“ Read full story
Dynamic Computer Solutions of Topeka, Inc.
“Topnotch product!“ Read full story
“We are completely satisfied with their product and support; best in the market.“ Read full story
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“Having most support cases resolved on the first call allows Sagiss to be confident to take on more clients.“ Read full story
“We are very satisfied with the ESET product, the management console, and its customization.“ Read full story
Johnson County - logo
“Have been pleased with the ease of use of the console and been able to configure endpoints exactly how we needed to for protection...“ Read full story
Gillman Automotive Group - logo
“Overall it has been very pleasant, only had a few minor issues, which the support team helped me correct very promptly.“ Read full story
“Outstanding company, superb technical support, provides strong threat protection and central management.“ Read full story
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“Quick response to the latest viruses; excellent aftersales support; light impact on the network.“ Read full story
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“Our experience with ESET far exceeds that of other security vendors.“ Read full story
“Since the installation of ESET, we’ve seen virtually no performance issue.“ Read full story
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“ESET offers us reliable security.“ Read full story
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“With free ESET Smart Security we guarantee a smooth and enjoyable use.“ Read full story
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“After in-depth tests on several of our stations, ESET was the obvious choice for us.“ Read full story
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“The MSP model gives Vancis and our customers the possibility to expand.“ Read full story

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